Mavis | Utah Newborn Photographer | Price, Utah

Photo lovers today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to baby Mavis, who’s officially 11 days new!

 I think we can all agree: Her smile should earn her a spot on the cover of every baby magazine in the nation! Seriously, I’m practically melting from cuteness overload!

 Anyway, as you can see from the pictures below, Mavis and I had one of the best sessions together. Her mom, Karlee fed her and kept her sleepy. Her preparation efforts allowed us to have an especially awesome shoot together.

 “I thought it went pretty much as expected. Newborns are hard and unpredictable,” says Karlee.

 Because the shoot went so well, I asked Karlee if she would share one helpful piece of advice with other mothers planning a newborn session (See – I’ve got your back, moms around the world). Her biggest piece of advice is: “Don’t expect it to go smoothly. Baby will need food, diaper change and it can be a challenge to get them into those cute poses.


Without further adieu, Ms. Mavis!

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Lukas | Utah Child Photographer | Price, Utah

Welcome back!

 The mission of this blog post is to show off the charming Lukas! I actually photographed Lukas 3 months ago for his 3 month session. Check out the pictures here:

 Can you believe how big this little fella has gotten since then? I had to blink a few times to make sure I was seeing things clearly! He is already crawling and sitting up all by himself! It’s amazing how fast they grow!

 Beth also brought a couple of his toys, which added even more to the photos we took.

 P.S. Want to learn more about my milestone packages? Email me at or click the contact link anywhere on my website!

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Addi | Utah Newborn Photographer | Helper, Utah


 Today I’m here to tell you all about baby Addi. This little nugget is only 6 days old, but the world’s a better place since she arrived.

 Mom agrees, too, naturally! We all had a grand time hanging out and taking pictures together, even though Addi was a bit camera shy. Addi was wide awake for the first half of the session, it took some coaxing and multiple snacks to get this little one to fall asleep. Despite the worries, though, we got some seriously amazing photos! It certainly helps that baby Addi is such a photogenic little lady!

 “I fed her right before we came, but that didn’t work out very well. She was still bright eyed when we got there.,” says Cami.”

 Cami also shared a little something about Addi’s relationship with the family dogs,

 It’s been fun to watch them with her because they’re curious but really love her already. Always watching her and making sure she’s ok. It’s been great that Addi doesn’t care about their barking when they do, she doesn’t even flinch. I’m assuming because she’s heard them the whole time she was in my tummy.”

 Enough talk. Check out this sweetie for yourself!

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Alyssa & Daniel | Utah Wedding Photographer | Mt. Timpanogos Temple

Congratulations Alyssa & Daniel!

 What a great day we had at the Mt Timpanogos Temple!

 When I first saw Alyssa, she was already wearing her beautiful white wedding gown that she found at Davids bridal. “It is very different because it is a high-low wedding dress. It was actually suppose to be a joke because my sisters and mom are very tradional but as soon as I put on the dress it was it!” says Alyssa.

 The reception was gorgeous! Everyone loved the food! The menu consisted of homemade ice cream, apple pie, duck dynasty cookies and hot chocolate!

 The whole day was amazing. Join me in wishing Alyssa & Daniel a happily ever after!

Without further adieu, Mr. and Mrs. Lester!

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